HSC exam registration form goes online from Feb 2014

Students appearing for HSC exam in February will be required to fill forms online. The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education decided to make the HSC exam registration form process ‘paper-free’.

As per the board, one teacher from each college with a strength of 500 students will be required to attend the programme.
Laxmikant Pandey, chairman of Mumbai division, said “These teachers will train others in their respective areas with the help of the local education officer,” “In colleges, where the number of students is above 500 or 1,000, there is provision for training two to three teachers,” added Pandey.

Even the concept of online registration is novel to students as they will find it convenient. Here, they can rewrite as many times as they want before finally submitting it. Students had been filling up their forms manually all this while, and if they committed errors, they were asked to fill another form, but the online process will mitigate this problem,” he said, adding that submission of the forms will become faster.

For colleges that do not have internet facilities, the board will provide a CD to install the software to fill the form, and it will be uploaded later through the internet and sent to the board office. “Students do not need to pay their registration fees online. The fee will be collected manually by their respective school or junior college,” said Pandey.

Private students appearing for the examination will be required to fill Form 17 online, for which the board will assign some schools and junior colleges as centres.

Professor Prakash Hazare from Modern College in Vashi confirmed that one of its teachers also attended the training programme.



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