HSC Exams Tips for Physics

~ In Physics There are laws and formulas and there are problems that need to be solved based using the theory. Therefore, it is essential to remember the laws and formulas correctly. To do this you need to understand about the laws first and  Memorise the laws and the formulas Properly.

~ It would now be easier to deal with the problems or exercises. Presuming most students may have attempted to solve the problems at least once, it is recommended that they must solve all the problems once from now.

~ When the exam going to start focus on the laws and formulas. Write them again in your book to check if you know them by rote.

~ this is also a good time now to practice all your diagrams. Keep practicing daily until you memorise all of them. Keep one final, good copy with you for the day of the exam. In examination day, ask someone to check the diagram while you describe it briefly. Always Remember to only recollect key features of the diagrams.

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