History HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board

History HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board 

Std. 12th


            According to new Education Policy it is essential to give vast knowledge of History of Maharashtra in Std. XI and of the new approach to study the history in Std.XII.

            Therefore, students are to be made familiar with their subject matter and also gain profound knowledge of History.

             In Standard XI they study events and movements that help to create participation in all walks of life. In Standard XII the study of Applied History in 21st century entertainment and mass media will give them some brainwave so that they can understand that history is not only study of past but also present and future. It also gives ample opportunity for creativity. This subject also draws us from darkness to light. In the study of this subject students also develop some leadership qualities. Hence, it lays a strong foundation of modern India by creating amicable relationship among us.


1) To widen and make comprehensive and innovative attitude of students towards history.

2) To appropriately relate the events of the past with the present in order to march towards a bright future.

3) To inculcate the spirit of curiosity and analytical reasoning in students and build their characters free from prejudices, dictatorial tendencies and communalism and to build in them scientific attitude combined with foresight.

4) To develop a comprehensive historical perspective in order to understand contemporary world, universal brotherhood, human rights, international understanding and the challenges of globalization.

5) To maintain the spirit of religious equality.

 6) To create awareness about the protection of environment.

7) To build an awareness regarding the preservation of historical monuments and resources.

8) To create awareness about the empowerment of the weaker sections in the society and women.

9) To inculcate the values of unbiased nationalism, nutritional integration, democracy and socialism, etc. in students.

10) To enable students to make man humanitarian and community oriented through individual, social, moral and universal values.

Std. 12th Units for HSC History Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board

Unit 1 Applied History in 21st Century

(a) Meaning of Applied History

(b) Inter – relation of Past and Present

(c) Contemporary History

Unit 2 Mass Media and History

(a) Printing Press

(b) Newspapers

(c) Periodicals

(d) Electronic Media

Unit 3 Entertainment Media and History

(a) Radio

(b) Television

(c) Drama

(d) Cinema

Unit 4 Tourism and History

(a) Tourist Guides

(b) Preservation of Historical Monuments

Unit 5 Museums

(a) Significance and conservation

(b) Archaeological Artifacts and Sculptures

(c) Inscriptions and Numismatics

(d) Available job opportunities

Unit 6 Historical Research

(a) Archaeological

(b) Archives

Unit 7 Encyclopedia

a) Treasures of History

b) Encyclopedia

c) Biographies

d) Dictionary of Culture

Unit 8 Administrative Services

(a) State Government Service Examination

(b) Central Government Service Examination

(c) Interview Techniques

Unit 9 History Teacher and Teaching

(a) Educational qualifications

(b) Personality

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