Political Science HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board

Political Science HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board

Std. 12th HSC Syllabus


            Man is a social animal. He lives in a society. Every individual interacts with each other. There are different activities of human beings. Some are social some are related to finances and some are Political activities.

            The students of Political Science studily different political institutions. Students have started learning this subject from Std. IX. They have studied the meaning and definitions of Political Science, as well as they have studied the concept of democracy, challenges to the democracy, electoral process, political parties, etc.

            Political Science is most influential important social science. Some basic concepts like Liberty, Equality, Justice, Human Rights, State, Nation are subject matter of this subject. It deals even with Governance, which explains how the country is governed International relation is also a part of Political Science. So it deals with problems like world security changing world, Globalization, etc.

             Though Political Science is related to mainly political activities, some social activities influence over political activities, so they also are studied in Political Science. A social movement is one of the examples. OBC politics, Regionalism, Communalism also are part of this subject.


  1. To create and develop interest among students in Political Science as an important Social Science.
  2. To introduce to students the relation of Political Science to social life, introduce Political Science to social life, introduce various concepts from Political Science and their importance.
  3. To create awareness about Human Rights and their violations. To introduce to students International organizations and changing context of world politics.
  4. To introduce to students the social, cultural economic effects of Globalization in India.
  5. To create awareness among students about the Fundamental Rights necessary for all round development of individuals.
  6. To introduce to students changing nature of legislature, Executive and Judiciary.
  7. To explain to students changing nature of party competition in India and its effects on Indian Politics.
  8.  To introduce to students various social political movements in India and the new trends in Indian Politics based on caste, religion, language.

Std. 12th Political Science HSC Syllabys – Maharashtra HSC Board

Part One

Indian Constitution

  1. Indian Constitution: Characteristics
  2. Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles and Fundamental duties.
  3. Legislature: Parliament.

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, Law making process, Amendment Procedure State

Legislature: Vidhan Sabha, Vidhan Parishad

  1. Executive: Union Executive:

          President – Election, Power and Functions Vice President – Election, Power                  and Functions

         Prime Minister and Council of Ministers – Election,

Collective Responsibility and Role of Prime Minister

State Executive: Governor, Chief Minister and Council of – Ministers.

  1. Judiciary: Introduction, composition

A) Supreme Court: Introduction, Composition, power and function

B) High Court: Composition, power and function

C) Subordinate Court, Lok Nyalaya

D) Independence of the judiciary

Std. 12th Political Science HSC Syllabys – Maharashtra HSC Board

Part Two

Politics in India

  1. Patterns of Party Competition

i) One party dominant system

ii) Towards multi party system

    7. Political and Social Movements

i) Nature of social movement

ii) Role of movements in democratic system

iii) Examples of movements

i) Caste

ii) Workers

iii) Women

       iv) Farmers etc

8. New trends in Indian Politics

i) Changing relations between caste and politics – OBC Politics

ii) Regionalism and Increasing importance of states

iii) Rising importance of religion in Indian Politics.

Internal assessment –

i) Field visit

ii) Interview

iii) Seminar

iv) News paper cutting

v) Book Review

vi) Project

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