Form of Business Organization – TEST 2 (MCQ Maharashtra-12th Board)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Form of Business Organization – TEST 2 (MCQ Maharashtra-12th Board)

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#1. The minimum numbers of directors in a public company are _______

#2. The Sole Trader is know for taking

#3. From the point of continuity ________ Business Organizations is the most suitable

#4. While selecting the place of business_______ is important

#5. The Co-operative Societies Act was passed int the year ______

#6. In a co-operative society the principle followed is ______

#7. Registration of a Joint Stock Company is ________ liability

#8. In a partnership firm every partner is the principles as well as the ______

#9. Registration of Partnership firm is _________ in Maharashtra

#10. Indian Partnership Act, was passed in the year_______

#11. The head of Joint Hindu Family is called as______

#12. Limited managerial skill is the _____ of the joint Hindu Family business

#13. Business organization which is controlled Hindu Succession Act is know as _______

#14. A sloe Proprietorship is the _______ form of organmization

#15. The minimum amount of paid up capital for public company is ______

#16. The minimum number if person are required for forming a co-operative society is ______

#17. The minimum numbers of person required for the registration of a private company is _______

#18. The elected representative of shareholders are called ____

#19. The liability of the shareholder in the public limited joint stock company is ______

#20. The nature of ________ Organization is services oritented

#21. Membership of a co-operative organization is open to _____

#22. Rules of Working of a Co-operative Society are called_____

#23. The Principal of co-operative is _______

#24. Indian co-operative societies Act was passed in____

#25. Liability of a member of a co-operative society is _____ General

#26. Management of Co-operative society is _______

#27. Co-operative stores sell goods on ____

#28. Registration of a co-operative society is ________

#29. A co-operative society can distributed dividend at the maximum rate of ________%

#30. The nature of ______ organization is service oriented


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