Form of Business Organization – TEST 1 (MCQ Maharashtra-12th Board)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Form of Business Organization – TEST 1 (MCQ Maharashtra-12th Board)

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#1. The Karta is ________ liable for business debts of business.

#2. The agreement signed between the partner is called____

#3. In India we have____ partnership

#4. ______ Partner tends his name only

#5. _____ Partner does not take active part in day to day business activities.

#6. The liability of a general partner is ____

#7. A partner is regarded to be _______ of a firm.

#8. In partnership business liability of a partner is ______

#9. Each partners in partnership firm is _____ of another

#10. Member of a partnership firm are individually know as ____

#11. Maximum number of partnership in a non banking business is ____

#12. Maximum number of partners in partnership firm running banking business is ____

#13. ______ Organization has minimum two members.

#14. The maximum number of co-parceners in a Joint Hindu Family Business are_____

#15. The Co-parenary rights are applicable on to _____

#16. The Liability of sole trader is _____________

#17. The Life of Joint Hindu Family business is _____

#18. The liability of Karta is ______

#19. Joint Hindu Family business exits in _______ only

#20. A member in joint Hindu Family business other than karta is called ____

#21. A Sole Trader is known for taking____

#22. A sole trading concerns is ______ form of business organization.

#23. A proprietorship is a ________ Organization

#24. Capital rising capacity of a sole trader is _____

#25. __________ is suitable for self-employment

#26. Sole Trading Concern operates in a _______ Market

#27. Maximum number of member is a Sole Trading Concern is _____ OR A Sole Proprietorship has__________ Owner.

#28. A sole trading concern ensure __________ business secrecy.

#29. A sole trading concern has ______ independent legal status,

#30. The market suitable for Sole Trading Concern is ____________


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