Business Services TEST 1 ( MCQ Maharashtra – 12th Board)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Business Services – TEST 1 – (MCQs Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. In India railways are owned and managed by _______

#2. A record of buiness transactions of a customer is found in the _____

#3. There is no limit on frequency of withdrawals form a _________

#4. Generally operate current a/c with the bank

#5. ____________ account is suitable to middle class people for deposit small savings

#6. Interest is paid at the highest rate on deposits in ________ account

#7. No Interest is paid to ________

#8. Road Transport is suitable for ______ distance

#9. The costliest means of transport is _______

#10. Door to Door service are offered by ________

#11. Overdraft facility is given to _______

#12. In case of urgency and to avoid delays ______ is sent

#13. Postal service are administered by _______

#14. Perishable Goods are stored in ________

#15. Bonded warehouse are located at _______

#16. Insurable interest must exist in _________

#17. Principles of indemnity is not applicable to ________

#18. Principles of utmost good faith is applicable to ________

#19. There is no limit on the frequency of withdrawals form a _________

#20. The account suitable for creating a saving habit is ____________


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