Business Service – TEST 2 (MCQ Maharashtra 12th std)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Business Service  – TEST 2 (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Marine Insurance policies are issued for the goods _______

#2. _____________ Warehouse work under the supervision of customs authority

#3. Warehouse owned by traders for their owned by traders for their own goods are called ______

#4. A warehouse keeper is ________

#5. Warehouse receipt is a contract of _________

#6. The warehouse run by the government is called ______

#7. Whole Life Policy is Useful to _________

#8. Life insurance is contract of _________

#9. A life insurance issued in the names of two person is called _______ policy

#10. A policy which covered definite risk is called________

#11. _________ Bank is the leaders of the last resort

#12. Life Insurance is taken for _______ risk

#13. Marine Insurance covers risks due to _____

#14. Insurance contract begins as soon as _______

#15. Policy covering goods at different places of different goods ______

#16. Fire Insurance is a contract of __________

#17. __________is the monopoly of Note issue, in India

#18. A cheque, which stands cancelled after six months from date of issue is called __________

#19. To avoid fraud and wrong payment, cheque are _______

#20. When two parallel line are down on the face of a cheque it is called _____


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