English Grammar – MCQs TEST 2 (Maharashtra HSC Board)

English Grammar – Pronoun Example MCQs TEST – Maharashtra HSC Board

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Choose The Appropriate Pronoun to Complete The Sentence.


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#1. We know that we can count on James, Anne, and _____

#2. Rhonda explained that _____ and her sister had often eaten at that restaurant.

#3. Christopher and ______ travel to the Far East some day.

#4. Most of the congestion on the highway ____ caused by an overturned truck.

#5. If anyone calls, tell _____ that I’ll be back in half an hour.

#6. Between you and ____, this politician cannot be trusted.

#7. The children in that neighborhood often ride ___ bikes through the park.

#8. Joe and ____ have been close friends for many years.

#9. Few of the suggestions ____ reasonable to me.

#10. The cost of the repairs shocked both my brother and ____.

#11. When I meet new people, I’m usually curious ____ occupations.

#12. Did you see Derek and ____ at the game?

#13. Be sure that everyone brings ____ own book.

#14. Each person in the room turned ___ head to the front when the teacher entered.

#15. Everyone who purchased one of the paintings ____ pleased.


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