English Grammar – MCQs TEST 3 (Maharashtra HSC Board)

English Grammar – Adjective Example MCQs TEST – Maharashtra HSC Board

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Choose The Appropriate Adjective to Complete The Sentence.


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#1. This glass is ____.

#2. He was the _____ thief of all.

#3. It is strange but often a coke is ___ than a beer.

#4. Mary likes ___ grandmother. She often visits her.

#5. This house is ___ than that one.

#6. The weather this summer is even ____ than last summer.

#7. A holiday by the sea is ____ than a holiday in the mountains.

#8. He ___ reads a book

#9. I went to school this morning, but I didn’t learn anything. It was just ___

#10. He was a very ___ person.

#11. Two students didn’t do ____ mathematics homework.

#12. Non-smokers usually live ___ than smokers.

#13. He did not pass the course as ___ as he thought he would.

#14. Elephant ____ walks a distance

#15. This is the ____ book I have ever read.


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