English Grammar – MCQs TEST 1 (Maharashtra HSC Board)

English Grammar – Noun Example MCQs TEST – Maharashtra HSC Board

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Select The Correct Noun Form The Given Sentence.


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#1. The man was tall.

#2. Sue’s parents tried living in the north, but they could not adapt to the cold.

#3. What is a collective noun?

#4. The girl was happy.

#5. Which are examples of nouns?

#6. The Brooklyn Bridge was opened in 1883.

#7. Sharks and lampreys are not true fish because their skeletons are made of cartilage rather than bone.

#8. Joe, have you met your new boss?

#9. Mastering basic mathematics in an important goal for younger students.

#10. The Trojans’ rash decision to accept the wooden horse led to their destruction.

#11. School stared early.

#12. In which sentence are all common and proper nouns written correctly?

#13. Sparta and Athens were enemies during the Peloponnesian War.

#14. The car moved fast.

#15. The dog barked loudly.

#16. It will take all of your energy and will to be able to walk again.

#17. Which words are abstract nouns?

#18. To seize a foreign embassy and its inhabitants is flagrant disregard for diplomatic neutrality.

#19. The doctor worked fast.

#20. Close the gate.



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