Biology – Genetic Engineering and Genomics – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Genetic Engineering and Genomics – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. In early days, insulin was extracted form ______

#2. Genetically engineered human insulin is obtained by inserting the gene in _____

#3. In vitro replication of DNA is called _____

#4. Key factor of DNA profiling is _____

#5. The human genomic project was initiated by U.S. department of _____

#6. Chromosomes are principally made up of ____

#7. In DNA profiling _____ is mainly done

#8. About ______ of nucleotide sequence in all the individuals is same in all the humans

#9. Variable numbers of Tandem repeats are _____ base pair long

#10. Probability of having similar sets of VNTR’s in any two individuals is _____

#11. Which enzyme is used in RELP process ______

#12. In electrophoresis apparatus _______ is used

#13. In Southern blotting ______ paper is used

#14. In India, the DNA finger printing technique was developed by ________

#15. Find the odd one out _____


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