Biology – Organisms and Environment – II – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Organisms and Environment – II – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Chipko Andolan movement is to protect _____

#2. Hot spots are the examples of _____

#3. The bio accumulation of pesticides in birds leads to ______

#4. _____ increase the temperature

#5. Red Data Book is maintained by _____

#6. Adaptations for running are called ______

#7. Which of the following animal shows fossorial adaptations _____

#8. Which type of competition has a potential to alter the populations _____

#9. The word commensalism means _____

#10. Plasmodium is a _____, while anopheles mosquito is ____

#11. Parasite stealing food gathered by host is called _____

#12. Bonellia viridis shows ____

#13. Indian population is ascertained every ton years by ____

#14. First census of India was done in ____ while the last was done in ____

#15. Find odd on out ___


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