Economics – Test 3 (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. Macroeconomics does not study

#2. In India, the responsibility for the calculation of national income rest with ______

#3. The part of income which is spent on consumption is called __________

#4. The most liquid asset is _____________

#5. Bank Rate is also called as ______________ rate.

#6. When government revenue exceeds government expenditure, it is known as _____________ budget.

#7. Every loan creates a _________

#8. Microeconomics is concerned with the study of

#9. ______________ utility is the utility derived from the last unit of a commodity consumed.

#10. The elasticity of demand of pins is ___________

#11. When price of commodity rises, the demand for it ______________

#12. During depression ____________ budget is preferable.

#13. Facility of E – banking is provided through ___________

#14. ___________ is the important assumption of microeconomics.

#15. Marshall assumes __________________ measurement of utility.

#16. A desire backed by ability to pay and willingness to pay for a commodity is called.

#17. When the price of petrol goes up, demand of car will _____________

#18. The slope of demand curve is __________ in the case of inelastic demand.

#19. The supply curve slopes ______________

#20. In ___________, the entry of other firms is restricted.



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