Economics – Test 4 (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. _________ is a leader of organization.

#2. Micro and macro approaches are _______________

#3. ____________ consumption cannot be zero

#4. In the initial state of development _________ was used.

#5. Reserve Bank of India was established in ______________

#6. In India, budget is prepared ___________

#7. ____________ deposits get maximum interest rate.

#8. Microeconomics is also called _____________

#9. Blood donation has _______________ utility.

#10. A rational consumer wants ______________ satisfaction.

#11. Individual demand is an aggregate of purchasing by ____________ buyer(s).

#12. Cross elasticity of demand is applicable to ________________ goods.

#13. The supply curve of labour slopes _____________

#14. The law of supply represents the general tendency of ________________

#15. Monopolist means ____________

#16. Uncertainty bearing is the function of __________

#17. Labour is ______ factor of production

#18. Microeconomic approach was enthroned by _______________

#19. ________________ utility is the sum of all the marginal utilities from the consumption of a commodity.

#20. Implicit demand is also known as ______________



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