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Types of bank 1

primary funciton

secondary function



types of inusrance

types of life insurance

types of fire insurance

types of marine insurance

mode of communication

morden mode of communication



other mode of transport

Road Transport – Advantage and Limitation 

Sr. No

1.Relatively cheaper mode of transport as compared to other modeDue to limited carrying capacity road transport is not economical for long distance
2.Perishable good can be transported at faster speed over a short distanceTransport of heavy goods and in bulk by road involves high cost
3.It is a flexible mode of transport as loading and unloading is possible at any destinationAffected by adverse weather conditions, like flood, rain landslide etc
4.Provides door to door servicesThere is a possibility of road accidents which are common mainly on highways
5.It helps people to travel and carry goods form one  place to another, in place which are not connected by other means of transport like, hilly areaIt cases pollution due to the use of diesel, which affects the health of people. it also create noise pollution

Rail Transport – Advantages and Limitation:

Sr. NoAdvantageLimitation
1.It is a convenient mode to transport for long distance travellingIt is relatively expensive for carrying goods and passengers over short distance
2.Comparatively faster then road transportIt is not available in remote parts of the country
3.It is suitable for carrying heavy goods in large quantities for long distanceIt provides service according to fixed time schedule and is to flexible for loading or unloading of goods at any place
4.Its operation is less affected by adverse weathersIt involves heavy losses of life as well as goods in case of accident
5.Ensure safety and security of goods. Even costly and delicate goods and be sent by railwayIt does not provide door to door services. it does not reach remote area

Water Transport  Advantage and Limitation

Sr. NoAdvantageLimitation
1.It is a relatively economical mode of transport for bulky and heavy goodsThe depth and navigability of river and canals vary and thus, affect operations of different transport vessels
2.It is safe mode of transport with respect to occurrence of accidentsIt is adversely affected by weather conditions
3.The cos of maintaining and constructing routes is very low as most of them are naturally madeIt is adversely affected by weather conditions
4.It promotes international tradesSea transport requires large investment on ship and their maintenance

Air Transport Advantage and Limitation

Sr. NoAdvantage Limitation
1.Fastest mode of transportMore expensive mode of transport
2.It is very useful in transporting goods and passengers to the area, which are not accessible by any other meansIt is not suitable for transporting heavy and bulky goods
3.It is the most convenient mode of transport during natural calamitiesIt is affected by adverse weather conditions
4.It provides vital support to the national security and defenseIt is not suitable for short distance travel
5.It is less polluting as compared to road transportIn case of accidents, heavy losses of life , property and goods

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