Biology – Respiration – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Respiration – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. During Kreb’s cycle fumaric acid gets converted into malic acid by ___

#2. Each molecule of NADH through ETS yields _____

#3. The only 5-C compound produced in Kerb’s cycle is ____

#4. In which of the following steps dehydrogenation occurs ____

#5. The amount of energy lost in respiration in the form of heat is about _____

#6. The correct sequence of electron carriers during ETS is _____

#7. On decarboxylation, Pyruvate gives rise to _____

#8. In glycolysis, dehydration occurs during the formation of ___

#9. Which of the following is last step on anaerobic respiration ____

#10. Electron carriers of oxicative phosphorylation are present on ____

#11. The ATP molecules produced during glycolysis and acetylation in aerobic respiration including ETS are respectively _____

#12. In Kreb’s cycle dehydration of substrate occurs _____

#13. Which of following steps generate ATP without ETS _____

#14. Glycolysis is also known as _____

#15. The conversion of pyruvate into acetyl CoA is called ____

#16. _____ is common for both aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

#17. In Kerb’s cycle, the acid which undergoes oxidative decarboxylation is ___

#18. The phase of respiration in which free molecule of O2 is used is called ____

#19. The net gain of energy form molecule of glucose in aerobic respiration is ____ ATP

#20. Mitochondria are regarded as semi-autonomous organelles, due to the presence of _____



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