Biology – Photosynthesis – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Photosynthesis  – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board) 

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#1. Oxygen liberated during photosynthesis comes form _____

#2. Which of the following is not required for Hill reaction _____

#3. PS I get the de-energized electrons from _____

#4. Which of the following was used in the study of dark reactions of photosynthesis _____

#5. On sixth part of the total PGAL produced is used for the synthesis of ____

#6. How many photons are required for the evolution of one molecule of o2 during the light reaction of photosynthesis ______

#7. CAM plants are mostly _____

#8. Due to photo respiration approximately ____ photosynthetically fixed Co2 is lost

#9. Which of the following is not a Chemoautotroph________

#10. Which of the following alga shows star shaped chloroplasts ________

#11. Chlorophyll-a molecule cannot remain in ionized state for more than ____

#12. ATP and NADPH2 the assiamilatory power for the reduction of Co2 to _______ during the dark reaction of photosunthesis

#13. Which of the following alga was used in the study of photosynthesis _____

#14. During the dark phase of photosynthesis, CO2 is fixed by _____

#15. C4 plants are more efficient than C3 plants because ____

#16. CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is between ____

#17. In HSK pathway, PEPA and RuBP are ____

#18. In C3 plants, the first product of photosynthesis is ____

#19. Dark reaction of photosynthesis is _____

#20. The stroma of chloroplast contains enzymes required for the reproduction f Co2 into ____



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