Biology – Reproduction in Plants TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Reproduction in Plants TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. In bryophyllum, the vegetative reproduction takes place thorugh _____

#2. To produce 500 pollengrains, how many micro spore mother cells are required ____

#3. The ovule is attached to the placenta by stalk called ___

#4. Which of the following is not floral adaptation for entomophily ____

#5. In porogamy, the pollen tube enters into the ovule through ____

#6. Roses are propagated normally by ____

#7. The endosperm cells in an angiospermic plant has 18 chromosomes, the number of chromosomes in its roots cell will be ___

#8. The anther contains ____

#9. Pollination through wind is called ____

#10. In vegetative reproduction, when two different individuals participate than it is called ____

#11. In sunflower, self pollination is avoided by ____

#12. _____ is formed in angiosperms by triple fusion.

#13. Ornithophily is affected by ____

#14. Synergids are _____

#15. An angiospermic plant has to produce 88 viable ovules. How much mitotic division will be needed to produce equal number of female gametophyte by this plant ____

#16. Secondary nucleus is also known as ____

#17. Albumin is also known as _____

#18. The cross pollination within same species is also called _____

#19. During fertilization, male gametes are carried by pollen tube. This is called ____

#20. In angiosperm, the common type of ovule is ____


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