Biology – Organisms and Environment – I – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Organisms and Environment – I – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Position of organisms in the environmental gradients is known as _____

#2. Which out of the following is the major reservoir of carbon ____

#3. How much percentage of sunlight is reflected back ____

#4. The pyramid of _____ in sea always inverted

#5. Which term does not fit into the following group ____

#6. Which of the following process is resistant to microbial action ____

#7. Rate of increase of biomass is called ____

#8. Spatial pattern determined by the height of plants is called _____

#9. Which of the following is a micro consumer _____

#10. Carnivores are ______

#11. The horizontal distribution of tress is studied in ____

#12. Which one out of the following is an artificial ecosystem ____

#13. Which term was given by grinnel to describe the functional role of organisms ______

#14. Which of the following is mainly responsible for ozone depletion ___

#15. The succession that starts on abandoned crop land is ____

#16. Guano deposits are rich in ____

#17. In establishing new ecosystem on rock, the pioneers are ____

#18. Which harmful radiations are absorbed by ozone layer _____

#19. The main greenhouse gas is _____

#20. The ability to produce organic compounds in unit’s time is ____


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