Biology – Gene: Its Nature, Expression and Regulation TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology –  Gene: Its Nature, Expression and  Regulation TEST  (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Which of the following is responsible for expression of trait ____

#2. Entry of lactose in cell is influenced by ____

#3. Lac-operon is related with ____

#4. Which if the following is the smallest RNA _____

#5. Which of the following is a stop codon _____

#6. Unwinding of DNA strands is done by which enzyme ______

#7. In which of the following stage, does synthesis of polypeptide take place_____

#8. The bonds joining two successive nucleotides of DNA strand are called ____

#9. On which strand of DNA, mRNA is constructed _____

#10. Which of the following is a pyrimidine base _____

#11. Name the bacteria which were used for by Griffith for his experiments _________

#12. A thin and long nucleosomes fiber is called ____ fiber

#13. Which of the following is transcriptionally active protein ___

#14. What is the replication of DNA in prokaryotic cells called _____

#15. In prokaryotes _____ DNA is present

#16. The phosphate group is joined with ____ carbon of the sugar by phosphor-diester bond

#17. The difference between nucleotide and nucleoside is that ____

#18. Which of the following techniques was used by Wilkins and Franklin for the study of DNA structure _______

#19. The change in the virulence of diplococcus is called _____

#20. Capsulated strains of bacteria are ____


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