Biology – Genetic Basis for Inheritance – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Genetic Basis for Inheritance – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Emasculation is _____

#2. Genes located on same locus but show more than two different phenotypes are called ______

#3. _________ Is regarded as father of genetics.

#4. . For demonstrating the law of dependent assortment, one should carry out _____

#5. Genotype refers to genetic composition of _____

#6. ____ deals with the study of heredity and variation.

#7. The recombination of characters in a dihybrid cross is related to _____ Co – dominance

#8. A cross that involves a single pair of alleles is called as _____

#9. Individuals having identical alleles of a gene are known as ______

#10. Organisms produced by sexual reproductions are called _____ Clones

#11. Mendel select garden pea for his experiments because_____

#12. In pisum sativum which of the following traits is dominant_____

#13. Inheritance of AB blood group is due to ______

#14. When a tall red pea plant is crossed with a dwarf white pea plant, the phenotypic ratio will be ______

#15. When a single gene produces two effects and one of it is lethal then the ration is ______

#16. . When phenotypic and genotypic ration is same, it is an example of ____ Cytoplasm inheritance

#17. . If a heterozygous tall plant is crossed with a homozygous dwarf plant, the proportion of dwarf progeny will be _____

#18. A cross between an individual with unknown genotype for a trait with recessive plant for that trait is _____

#19. In dihybrid cross, F2 generation offspring show four different phenotypes while the genotypes are_______

#20. When two genes control single characters and have cumulative effect, the ration is ______


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