Biology – Biotechnology Process and Applications – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Biotechnology Process and Applications – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Which one of the following enzymes is not a tool for r DNA technology _____

#2. ____ discovered transposons for the first time.

#3. ____ is synonymous word for transposons

#4. ____ it the process of introducing vector into the eukaryotic cell

#5. The process of introducing vector into the viral vector know as ___

#6. By which the phenotypically significant mutations are created and cell’s genome size is altered ___

#7. What is the process of introducing vector into the target bacterial cell known as ____

#8. Find odd out ____

#9. The common form of transposons in human is known as ____

#10. The process of packing DNA in the heads virus particles during virion assembly takes place in ___ minutes

#11. Recombinant DNA technique was first proposed by _____ Bolivar

#12. A thermostable DNA polymerase can withstand temperature up to _____

#13. Ti plasmids are present in ____

#14. PCR technique was developed by ____

#15. In EcoRi, Eco stand for ____

#16. Restriction endonucleases cleaver the DNA molecule by hydrolyzing ____

#17. Bacteriophage M 13 is with _____

#18. The first transposons were discovered in ______

#19. The molecular knives of DNA are ______

#20. Cloning can b done in vitro, via _____


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