Write note on Java man and Peking man.

Answer: Java Man & Peking Man.
Java man:

a. Homo erectus fossils of Java were called Java man.
b. Its fossils were first obtained by Dubois (1891) and these were named Pithecanthropus erectus.
c. The cranial capacity was about 940cc.
d. The chin was absent, bony eyebrow ridge was present.
e. It was more ape like than man like, hence it is also called as Java Ape Man.
f. However, he might have made use of fire.
g. The original species of Pithecanthropus erectus has been named as Homo erectus erectus by Mayer (1950).
h. It lived in the middle pleistocene epoch about 5,00,000 years ago.
i. It was about five feet in height and walked erect.
j. Its face was prognathous and the jaws were massive with huge teeth.

Peking man (Homo erectus pekinensis):

a. The fossils of this prehistoric man were discovered in cave near Peking, China.
b. As they showed similarities with Java man, they were named as Pithecanthropus pekinensis.
c. Mayer (1950) considered it a sub-species of Java man and hence it has been named as Homo erectus pekinensis.
d. It lived in the middle Pleistocene epoch about 5,00,000 years ago. It was very similar to java man with heavy bony eye brow ridges, low slanting forehead and chinless face.
e. Their cranial capacity was much larger than Java man ranging from 850 to 1200 c.c.

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