Write a note on “Struggle for existence”.

Answer: Struggle for Existence.
Intra-specific struggle:

It is the competition among the individuals of the same species. This type of struggle is very severe, because the need and approach of all competing organisms is precisely same.
e.g. struggle between cow and cow, horse and horse, deer and deer, etc. for getting grass.

Inter-specific struggle:

It is the struggle between the organisms of different species living together. Individuals of one species compete with other species for food, shelter and breeding place.

e.g. Struggle between cow, horse & deer for getting grass.

Environmental struggle:

It is the struggle of all living forms against adverse environmental conditions, i.e. against natural calamities like extreme heat or cold, drought, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc.

Describe the concept of “Survival of the fittest”.

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