Physics – Surface Tension MCQs TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Physics – Surface Tension – TEST    (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Why do chalk particles cling to a black board?

#2. If drop of oil is placed on the surface of water, which of the following takes place?

#3. Why does kerosene rise in the wick of a kerosene lamp?

#4. As the length of capillary tube is insufficient, the rise of liquid in it will be up to the top, in the absence of

#5. Two capillary tubes of diameters 1 cm and 2 cm are dipped into water. The rise of the water is?

#6. When two small drops of a liquid join to form a bigger one, energy is

#7. How does the angle of contact of a liquid change when its temperature is raised?

#8. If a liquid is at critical temperature, the surface tension will be

#9. 9 Raincoats have coatings that are waterproof because

#10. Writing directly on blotting paper with an ink pen is not practical because of

#11. When a shaving brush is removed from water, the hairs cling together because of

#12. The spherical shape of a rain drop is due to

#13. The molecules on the surface of the liquid have

#14. What is the cause of surface tension?

#15. A 10 cm long needle can just rest on the surface of water without wetting, its weight is (assume surface tension of water is 0.07 N/m)



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