Organisation of Commerce – HSC (MSBSHSE Class XII) for Maharashtra Board Paper Pattern

Organisation of Commerce – HSC (MSBSHSE Class XII) for Maharashtra Board Paper Pattern

Board Paper Pattern


Time: 3 Hours                                     Total Marks: 80

Q.1.Objective type questions. [15 Marks] 

All sub‐questions are compulsory. 

(A) Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the completed sentences:  [5 Marks]

(B) Match the correct pairs: [5 Marks]

(C) Write an appropriate word or phrase or a term which can substitute each of the following statements: [5 Marks]

Q.2. Distinguish between the following: [15 Marks] 

(Any three out of five)  

Q.3. Write short notes on the following: [15 Marks] 

(Any three out of five)

Q.4. State with reasons, whether the following statements are True or False: [15 Marks] 

 [1 Mark → for stating True or False; 4 Marks→Reasons (Minimum four reasons are expected)]

Q.5. Write short answers for the following:    [10 Marks]  

(Any two out of four) 

Q.6. Long answer type question:   [10 Marks]

(Any one out of two) 

                     Total:                                               80  

Scheme of EvaluationMarks
1.Written Examination80
2.Project Preparation (with Viva)20

(A) Unit wise Weight age

Sr.No.UnitsMarksMarks With Option
1.Forms of Business Organizations2333
2.Business Services1222
3.Emerging Modes of Business0712
4.Social Responsibility of Business0712
5.Consumer Protection0717
6.Principles of Management0712
7.Functions of Management1217
8.Entrepreneurship Development0505

(B)   Weight age to Objectives

Sr. NoObjectivesMarksPercentageMarks With Option

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