HSC Exams Tips for Chemistry

~ The four critical chapters in chemistry — theory, equations, laws and problems. You need to  study those chapters.

~ Focus on theory present in chapters like molecular bonding currently. You need to memorise it thoroughly.

~ A main part of chemistry is organic chemistry is equations. And organic chemistry is an area which has quite a bit of weightage in your exam. You need to work on the equations thoroughly.  Most teachers and coaching classes do lay stress on this and therefore at this point you need to merely relegate the information to memory. A day before the exam remember to solve certain critical equations (these you can identify from the last five year papers.)

There are a some laws that needs to also memorise for the final exam. It is better if one starts on these right away.

Chapters like thermodynamics will make problems that you need to focus on apart from the theory. While the problems in chemistry are not as complex as those in physics they cannot be ignored. So you need to be sure you practice all the problems in the few chapters that they feature in.

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