Economics HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board

Economics HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board 


            The Framework of this curriculum is based on National Economic Policy to explain the students the nature of Indian Economy. Problems of Population explosion, Poverty, Unemployment, Measures to remove these problems. What are the Infra-structure facilities in the country, its development and its importance is included in the curriculum.

            To make the students understand the above problems. This subject should be explained at Micro and Macro level. In future this curriculum will help students for higher education.

General Objective

1) To make the students understand the changes in Indian Economy and problems faced by the economy.

2) To make them inquisitive about the infra structural facilities in Indian Economy.

3) To explain to them the Principles of Micro & Macro Economics

4) To make students aware of concepts like Money, Banking, National Income, Public budget etc.

5) To create awareness among the students regarding qualities required for skilled entrepreneur (Leadership qualities)

 Specific objectives

1) To help the students to understand the basic concepts of economic growth & economic development.

2) To develop ability of student to understand the challenges before the Indian Economy

3) To create interest among the students to know the dynamic nature of Indian Economy and arising problems. In order to create economic equality, weaker and socially deprived groups are to be involved in the process of economic development.

4) To create awareness among students about objectives of new economic policy.

5) To prepare the students to understand the process of economic planning in Indian Economy.

6) To understand the basic Infra structural facilities of Indian Economy.

7) To motivate the students to collect, organize and classify graphical presentation of statistical data.

8) To motivate skillful abilities of the students to make graphical presentation of data. 9) To introduce students, Index numbers and construction of Index numbers.

10) To prepare them to make use of the technical knowledge of the curriculum in their day to day life.

Economics HSC Syllabus 

Std. 12th 

Section A

Micro Economics

  1. Introduction to Micro Economics
  2. Consumers behavior
  3. (a.) Analysis of Demand, (b.) Elasticity of Demand
  4. Analysis of Supply
  5. Types of Market & Price determination under Perfect competition
  6. Factors of Production

Economics HSC Syllabus

Std. 12th 

Section B 

 Macro Economics

  1. Introduction to Macro Economics 8. National Income
  2. Determinants of Aggregates
  3. Money
  4. Commercial Bank
  5. Central Bank
  6. Public Economics

Topics for Project (20 Marks) – Std. 12th Economic HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board

1) Visit any cottage industry and collect information about its income and expenses.

2) Visit some families and note down observations regarding how utility of different commodities is subjective and relative.

3) Prepare a chart for Marginal Utility and Total Utility of any commodity consumed by you.

4) Comparative study of individual demand schedules of any one commodity of two families.

5) Visit a grocery shop and collect information about changes in demand and changes in price of wheat for the period of 5 months.

6) Visit retailers of any commodity & collect information about prices & supply.

7) Collect information about prices charged for toothpaste, bathing soap etc. by different firms under monopolistic competition.

8) An interview of an entrepreneur.

9) An interview of skilled and unskilled labour engaged in different sectors.

10) Survey of people using credit cards & debit cards.

11) Visit any Commercial Bank & collect information about its functioning.

12) Collect information of different Banking instruments like cheques, demand drafts, etc.

13) Collect information about E-Banking

14) Collect information about changes in the policies of Reserve Bank of India.

15) Collect information of the current budget from newspaper.

Note : The above list of projects is given only as guideline.

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