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Sr. Nopoints of DiscussionMoney MarketCapital Market
1.MeaningA short term funds are borrowed and lend.For borrowing and lending long term capital required by business enterprise.
2.FunctionsMoney market exists as a mechanism of liquidity adjustments i.e. a link between the depositors and borrowersCapital market functions as a link between the investors and entrepreneurs.
3.Term of FinanceIt provides short term funds, in short term instruments where the maturity is measured in days, weeks, or months.It is a market for long term instruments which is measured in years.
4.InstrumentsThe instruments dealt in the market are bills of exchange, treasury bills, banker’s acceptance, etc.The instruments dealt in this market are bonds, debentures, equity shares and stock.
5.RiskThe prices of these instruments do not fluctuate and they carry very low market risk.The instruments are long term and subject to market fluctuations and so they carry very high financial and market risk.
6.InstitutionThe commercial banks are the important institutions in the money market.

The stock exchange is an important institution in the Capital Market.

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