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debenture holder &Shareholder

Sr. NoPoint of discussionShareholderDebenture holder
1MeaningA person who purchase shares of a company is a shareholder.A person who purchase debenture of a company is a debenture holder .
2.StatusA Shareholder is co-owner of the company.A debenture holder is creditors of the company.
3.IncomeA shareholder gets dividends.A debenture holders gets a interest.
4.Right of IncomeThe rate of dividend for preference shareholders ID fluctuated, for equity shareholders are fixed.The rate of interest is fixed.
5.Voting rightsThe Shareholders have voting rights through which they can participate in the management.Debenture holders do not have voting rights.
6.Position in winding upShareholders ranks last to claim their capital at the time of winding up of the companyDebenture holders rank prior to shareholders to claim their capital at the time of winding up of the company

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