Difference Between – Manager and Entrepreneur

Basis Difference – Manager and Entrepreneur

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1.MotiveMotive of a manager is to give his services to an enterprise owned by someone else.Motive of an entrepreneur is to start a venture by setting a enterprise to achieve his ideas.
2.Risk-bearingA manager being an employee does not undertake any risk involved in the enterprise.Being the owner, the entrepreneur undertakes all the risk and uncertainties of the enterprise.
3.StatusA manager is a servant or paid employee of an enterprise.An entrepreneur is the owner of the enterprise
4.InnovationManagers only execute the plans prepared by the entrepreneurs. They only do the practical part of the plan.Entrepreneurs are born innovators. They set their own goals and work for it.
5.QualificationA manager needs to posses educational and technical skills. Special management knowledge and qualification is an additional benefitAn entrepreneur requires qualities and qualifications like hard working , patience, foresight, high thinking, independence, etc.
6.SpecializationA manager is trained professional, hence is specialized in his field.An entrepreneur may not be a specialized in his trade but may have sufficient knowledge.
7.Decision makingA manger does not have authority to take decision on behalf of the enterprise, but he may take decision related to the plan which he is executing.An entrepreneur takes decisions on his own as the enterprise has to develop as per his ideas.
8.BenefitsA manager usually gets fixed salary for the services rendered by him. It is fixed.An entrepreneur gets profits as the benefits of the enterprise which is uncertain.

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