Biology – Human Health and Disease – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Human Health and Disease  –  TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Study of interaction of antigen and antibody in blood is _____

#2. Antigens are formed ____

#3. Antiserum has ____

#4. Following is protozoan disease ___

#5. Infections stage of plasmodium is _____

#6. Elephantiasis is caused by _____

#7. Filaria belongs to _____

#8. Which disease is caused by nematode ____

#9. Typhoid is caused by _____

#10. Ringworm is _____ disease

#11. Passive immunity is ____

#12. Antigenic determinants of an antigen that are recognized by antibody are ____

#13. Innate immunity is provided by _____

#14. The cell active in production of antibodies are _____

#15. Antibodies are ____

#16. Antibody producing plasma cells are derived form ____

#17. Which of the following is not a type of cancer _____

#18. After birth antibodies are transferred from mother to infant through ____

#19. What is produced by sensitized helper T cells _____

#20. Universal donor blood group is _____ while universal recipient blood group is _____




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