Biology – Enhancement in Food production – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Enhancement in Food Production  – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board) 

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#1. Jaya and Ratan are semi dwarf high yielding verities of _____ developed in India

#2. Fusogenic agent used for somatic hybridization is ____

#3. The secondary metabolite Anthocyanin is obtained from ___

#4. Taichung native-I is a variety of rice from ___

#5. IARI has developed ____ enrich beans and garden peas

#6. ____ rice is an example of a GM crop developed for its nutritional value.

#7. _____ is resistant to aphids

#8. ________ of wheat is fungal disease

#9. Co-421 and Co-419 are improved varieties of _____ developed at Coimbatore

#10. . Vijaya, Padma, Kanti and Jayanti are high yielding verities of ____

#11. Vincristine a secondary metabolite is obtained from the plant _____

#12. Sonalika and kalyabsona are semi-dwarf high yield varieties of ___

#13. In green revolution ___ varieties of crops are used for cultivation

#14. Plant breeding as a technology has helped brining about ____ in India

#15. The better yielding semi dwarf rice varieties developed in India are ___

#16. Process of bringing wild species of plant under human management is called ____

#17. In tissue culture which one of the following pairs of substances are used to induce shoot and root formation respectively in the callus ___

#18. An improved insect resistant variety “pusa gaurav” is a variety of ____

#19. An ability of plant cell by virtue of which it can generate whole plant under suitable condition is called ____

#20. In most of the plants the part which is free from infections/diseases is _____


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