UP BOARD – Inter (12th) Examination Time Table 2016

UP Allahabad Inter (12th) Examination Time table 2016



First Shift 07:30 – 10:45 AM


Second Shift 02:00 – 05:15 PM

18.02.2016Military scienceHindi – I
19.02.2016Home SciencePALI, ARBI, PHARSI
20.02.2016Economics – I & Commercial Geography – IHindi – II
23.02.2016Vocal music, Instrumental Music & Dance Arts – IPsychology, Education, Logical Science – I
24.02.2016Economics II, Commercial Geography IIPhysics – I, Attitudes among business – I
25.02.2016Agricultural crop science (Agronomy)[For Agri. Part-1]Psychology, Pedagogy or Philosophy-II
26.02.2016Drawing – I, Ranjan KalaPhysics – II, Attitudes among business – II,
Agriculture crop science – VI (for agri. Part-2)
27.02.2016Agricultural Botany –II History – I, Crop Science-I (For Agri. Part-12016)Wood Craft, Craft Book, Sewing – I, General Official Language-I
29.02.2016Military Science –IIChemistry-I, Accounts-I
01.03.2016Agri Physics and Climate-III (For Agri. Part-1), Social Science2016Wood Craft, Craft Book, Sewing – II, General Official Language-II
02.03.2016Music Vocal / Music Playing and Dancing art – IIChemistry-II, Accounts-II, Agriculture, Economics-VII (For Agri. Part 2)
03.03.2016Human Science-I, Agri Engg.-IV (For Agri. Part 1)Biology-I, Industrial Organization-I
04.03.2016Urdu-I, Gujarati, Panjabi, Bangla, Marathi,Aasami, oria, Nepali, Sindhi, Malyalam and KannadAgri Zoology – VIII (For Agri. Part-2)
05.03.2016Drawing-II, Ranjankala-IIBiology-II, Industrial Organization-II
09.03.2016Human Science –IIअधिकोषणतत्व (Adikoshn element) –I
10.03.2016Home Science-II, Agriculture Math-V,  Preliminary statistics (For Agri. Part-1)Math –I, Math &  Preliminary statistics-I (For Commercial Class)
11.03.2016History-II, Crop Science-II (for Business class I)Adhikoshan Element-II
12.03.2016Sanskrit-IMath –II, Math &  Preliminary statistics-II (For Commercial Class)
14.03.2016Civics-ITheory of Insurance and Practice-I, Commercial Education-I
15.03.2016Sociology -IIEnglish-I,  Theory of Insurance and Practice-II, Commercial Education-II
18.03.2016Urdu-II,  Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science (for Agri. Part-II)Commercial Education-III
19.03.2016Sanskrit-IIAgricultural Chemistry Science-X (For Agri. Part-2),  Computer-II , Commercial Education-IV
21.03.2016Geography-IICommercial Education-V

All students can go through the above UP Board Time Table 2016, which will give them a pathway to channelize their preparation for Examinations. All students should note that UPMSP has not officially released any Time Table/ Schedule, the above tabular form is previous year Tabular form of UPMSP 12th Exam, which will give them a rough idea of this year UP Board 12th Exam Schedule 2016

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