Secretarial Practice – TEST (MCQ Maharashtra 12th std)

Secretarial Practice  – TEST  (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Depositors are ______ of a company.

#2. The oldest stock exchange in Asia is ____________

#3. Stock exchange is a place were _______ are bought and sold.

#4. The trading system on BSE is known as _________

#5. BSE was established in ______

#6. The repurchase rate which is also know as the official bank rate is _____ rate.

#7. The market which provide short term fund is ______

#8. Company wit net worth exceeding Rs. ________ can accept public deposits.

#9. A company can accept deposit for maximum _____ months.

#10. Refusal to allot shares is conveyed through ______

#11. Debenture capital of a company is ______

#12. Convertible debentures are converted into _______ shares.

#13. Debenture holder is the ______ of the company.

#14. Borrowed capital is provided to the company by ______

#15. Interest on bearer debentures is given through ______

#16. Shares issued free of cost to the shareholders are known as ____ shares.

#17. Dividend is to be paid to the shareholders with in _____ days form the date of declaration.

#18. Intimation of deposit of instrument of transfer is communicated through _____ notice.


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