Political Science – True or False – TEST 1 (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

Political Science – True or False – TEST  1   (MCQ Maharashtra 12th Board)

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#1. Vidhan Sabha is a permanent house.

#2. Multi-party system may lead to instability of the government.

#3. Many parties are allowed to contest the elections in one party system.

#4. For the protection of consumer rights govt. has established consumer courts.

#5. Regional jurisdiction of High Court means judicial review

#6. Judges of supreme court can be easily impeached.

#7. In order to get qualified to become Vice President, a person must be qualified for being elected as member of the Lok Sabha.

#8. A resident of the state is appointed as a Governor in the state.

#9. The members of the council of Ministers can not critics the policies of the cabinet in public.

#10. Executive controls Legislature .

#11. Judges of the Supreme Courts are removed by the Parliament.

#12. According to the constitution of India residuary power are vested in the center

#13. Chairman of Rajya Sabha is not a member of Rajya Sabha.

#14. President presides over the meeting of Joint Session.

#15. Indian citizen have right to adopt any religion.

#16. F.R. are necessary for the success of democracy.

#17. We can approach the court against the violation of fundamental rights.

#18. Five states of the Indian Union have bicameral legislature.

#19. Special provision has been made for the state of Jammu and Kashmir under the article 370.

#20. President has the authority to impose ‘President’s Rule’ in a state.

#21. India’s judiciary is a dual judiciary


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