French HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board

Course Book: En Echanges 2nd revised edition.

1. Detailed Study :

Lessons 11 to 16 + 2 Bilans (about 75 pages)

Note : 1. Rivision of Grammar studied in Std. XI
2. The Question paper of H.S.C will be based on lesson 0-16

2. Grammar

(i) Prepositions
(ii) Adverbs
(iii) Verbs Moods: Imperative, Indicative, conditional
Tenses : Imperfect, future
(iv) Adjectives : Comparative and Superlative degrees, Indefinite
(v) Pronouns : Possessive, relative, indefinite Qualitative, Numerical, Possessive
(vi) Adjectives : Demonstrative (Simple and Compound), Interrogative, indefinite, comparative and Superlative degrees.
(vii) Pronouns : Subject, Direct, Indirect Objective, Emphatic Possessive, Interrogative, Indefinite, Relative (simple)

3. Oral Skills

Listening activities : develop the sub-skills of listening, provide practice in ear-training.
Loud-reading : following the features of loud reading, provide practice in loud-reading.
Speaking : creating confidence in speaking. Using narration and description.
Conversation : ability to converse confidently and effectively, provide practice in conversation. Formal testing in oral skills will be administered.

HSC Syllabus – Maharashtra HSC Board 

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