What to do if you Lost your Hall Ticket?

Lost your Hall Ticket ? Here are some tips.

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Students across Maharashtra are busy with their schedule for exam,it is chances to make a mistake like, you forget your hall ticket.

For that, we are here to help you by giving some tips how to tackle such problem?

1. What if you lose hall ticket before a day of exam.

don’t hassle , go to your school and give an application for duplicate of  hall ticket. They will give you a duplicate of hall ticket and they will tell to the center.

2. While entering your class for exam, suddenly you remember that you forget your hall ticket at home.

Chill, you should keep a photo copy of your hall ticket. This will help you , show your photo copy of hall ticket and you will allow writing the exam. Before leaving the exam center you have to give in written application stating that you will bring original for next day exam.

3. What if you by mistake land on different center ?

If you land on different center and you realise it, don’t panic, Speak to authorities or supervisor about you mistake, if they find that your problem is genuine. they will allow you to write an exam.

4. If you forget your hall ticket while entering exam hall?

don’t worry here we have a solution. Immediately informs the exam supervisor who will tell exam centre and if you have photocopy of hall ticket then hand it over the supervisor. He will let you write the exam. after finishing your paper, give a written letter to your centre for losing hall ticket, then go to school and apply for a duplicate copy.

It is very important to keep all your document ready on the day of exam.

6 thoughts on “What to do if you Lost your Hall Ticket?”

    1. Same here !!! but after looking at the suggestion i think i will manage ?
      I am gona go and try to apply for duplicate hall-ticket right before the exam !!!
      11 am starts my exam & college office starts at 10 am !!!

  1. Sir my Exams are over but I lost my hall ticket after the exam so for getting the mark sheet I don’t have the hall ticket what I have to do now.
    Please sir I request you

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