Distinguish between: Dominant and Recessive character.

Dominant and Recessive character
Dominant characterRecessive character 
The characters that
 are expressed in F1
generation are dominant.
The characters that are
 not expressed in F1
generation are recessive.
It is expressed in presence
 of dominant as well
as recessive allele.
 e.g. Tt, TT = tall.
It is expressed only 
when both the recessive
alleles of a gene are 
present. e.g. tt= dwarf
In pea plant, tallness 
and red flowers are
dominant characters.
In pea plant, dwarfness 
and white flowers
are recessive characters.
Dominant character can 
express in both
homozygous as 
well as heterozygous condition.
Recessive character
 can be expressed only
in homozygous condition.


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