Letter – Regret Letter

Letter writing

Regret Letter. When shares are not allotted by the company to shares applicant are informed about rejection of their share applications. The regret letter need not be preserved.  

Letter – Refund Order

Letter writing

Refund Order. When shares are not allotted to the share applicants. Refund order send to applicant along with regret letter.

Allotment Receipt and Allotment Slip

Letter writing

 Allotment Receipt & Allotment Slip. Receipt of allotment of Shares. Allotment Slip (Forwarded to Company)

Letter – Allotment of Shares

Allotment of Shares – Letter Letter of allotment has to be preserved by the allottee as the share certificate is issued by the company in exchange of this letter. Letter of Allotment.

What is Working Capital? State factors affecting requirement of working capital.

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What is Capital Structure? What are the internal and external factors influencing Capital Structure?

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What is Fixed Capital? State factors affecting requirement of Fixed Capital.

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