Biology – Excretion and Osmoregulation – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

Biology – Excretion and Osmoregulation – TEST (Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Glucose is taken back form glomerular filtration through _____

#2. Which of the following are high threshold substances that are reabsorbed completely ______

#3. It takes ____ for the entire bold to pass through glomerulus once

#4. The excretory wastes of tadpole larva of frog and adult frog are ____

#5. Terminal part of uriniferous tubule opens into _____

#6. Sodium ion concentration is maintained by the hormone _____

#7. Osmotic pressure of blood is _____ mm/Hg

#8. Arachnids are ______ animals

#9. Synthesis of uric acid from ammonia takes place by ____ pathway

#10. The excretory product of fresh water fishes is _____

#11. Mode of excretion in body fishes is _____

#12. Osmoregulation is carried out by _____

#13. Which one of the following is the normal constituent of urine ____

#14. In a normal healthy person, normal blood glucose level is _____

#15. Ultra filtration takes place in _____

#16. The structural and functional unit of kidney is _____

#17. The part of the cortex continued inside the renal medulla between the pyramids is _____

#18. Retroperitoneal kidney is _____

#19. Conservation of water is possible in this mode of excretion ___

#20. Nitrogenous waste which is less toxic, soluble in water and is formed during ornithine cycle is _____


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