11 Marks to be awarded to students attempting error questions of the HSC Math & Stats paper

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education acknowledged the printing mistakes in the mathematics and chemistry question papers of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams and has decided to award 11 marks in total to the students who have attempted those questions.

The mathematics and statistics paper held on February 28 had two errors, so students who attempted them will be awarded 7 marks. Similarly those who attempted a couple of wrong questions in the chemistry paper held on March 4, will be given 4 marks.

Gangadhar Mhamane, chairperson of the state board said “When the experts brought the errors to our notice, we decided to award full marks for those questions. We had to ensure students do not pay the price for mistakes made by the paper-setters. We have instructed our moderators to award marks for those questions while examining the papers. Re-examination will not be held”

There were rumors of the the papers being leaked due to which re-exams would be conducted. However students need not worry about it. “Based on information we have right now, no plans of re-examination are being discussed and students need not worry about the same. We request them to focus on their other papers stress-free,” – said Krishnarao Patil, MSBSHSE secretary.

Satwant Singh Matharu, teacher at Mahatma Gandhi Centennial Junior College, said, “They included the words ‘sum of’ which should not have been there. It could be a printing mistake or could be that the person writing the question has made a mistake. Either way the inclusion of these two words has changed the dynamics of the question all together.”

In question 6A(iii) the issue seems to be clearly of a printing mistake. Sanjay Charalwar, senior academician and principal of Mohta Science College, said, “The equation which has been printed in the third line has a line between numbers written above and below. That line is the error. Numbers should have been written without the lines otherwise the entire equation becomes defunct.”

Nagpur City Congress Committee secretary John Thomas said, “I think it is unfair that all students are not getting a chance to avail the benefit of extra marks. The board says current policy prevents them from awarding the extra marks to those who did not attempt it. We will appeal to the authorities to consider this in view of students. They should not unnecessarily bear the brunt of someone else’s mistake.”

If all this was not enough, the teachers have threatened to go slow with the paper evaluation. Ashok Gavhankar, secretary of the Vidarbha Junior College Teachers Association, said, “We have various issues pending with the government and they had promised us in February last year that everything will be resolved. Now a new government has come and even after their eight months of reign nothing has changed. Our state wide protest is related to their stubborn attitude towards teachers.” Instead of 25 papers to be corrected per day, they will only be evaluating 1 paper a day.

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  1. SIR
    in the solutions provided by coaching sites/institutes for chemistry hsc maharashtra exam 2015,in section 1 question 4,part 2 numerical ,the question has been solved using the formula e cell=e cell’-0.0592/n(logQ). according to the hsc textbook this formula can only be used when the temperature is 25 degree celsius.but in the question the temperature is 28 degree celsius.so we will have to use the general formula given in the hsc textbook which is 2.303rt/nf(logQ).this formula will give a different answer.since hsc exams strictly check final answer, this will create a difference.

    hence can you please confirm the final method and tell if this could be a bonus question?

    thank you.

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