Secretarial Practice – HSC (MSBSHSE Class XII) for Maharashtra Board Paper Pattern

Secretarial Practice  – HSC (MSBSHSE Class XII) for Maharashtra Board Paper Pattern



Time: 3 Hours                                             Total Marks: 80

Q.1. Objective type questions:           [15 Marks]

All sub‐questions are compulsory.     

(A) Select the correct answer from the possible choices given below and rewrite the statements:    [5 Marks]  

  (B) Match the pairs:     [5 Marks]  

  (C) Write a word or phrase or a term which can substitute each of the following statements: [5 Marks]  

Q.2. Distinguish between the following:                                [15 Marks]

  (Any three out of five)     [5 marks each]       

Q.3. Write short notes on:                                  [15 Marks]

(Any three out of five)  [5 marks each] 

Q.4. State with reasons, whether the following statements are True or False:   [15 Marks]

(Any three out of five) [5 marks each]

[1 Mark→ for stating True or False; 4 Marks → Reasons (Minimum four reasons are expected)]

Q.5. Answer in brief:           [10 Marks]

  (Any two out of four)   [5 Marks each]

[Out of the four questions, three will be asked on business correspondence with debenture holders and depositors]

Q.6. Answer the following:           [10 Marks]

(Any one out of two)  

[Out of the two questions, one will be asked on business correspondence with members]

     Total                        =                    80

Scheme of Evaluation

Scheme of EvaluationMarks
1.Written Examination80
2.Project Preparation (with Viva)20

Weightage to Objectives

Sr. NoObjectivesMarksPercentageMarks With Option

 Weightage to Type of Questions

Sr. NoObjectivesMarksPercentageMarks With Option
1.Objective Types151518.75
2.Short Answer204025.00
3.Long Answer254031.25

Unitwise Weightage

Sr.No.UnitsMarksMarks With Option
1.Business Finance0712
2.Sources of Business Finance1828
3.Role of a Secretary in Capital Formation1222
4.A.  Issue of Debentures1217
B.  Deposits
C.  Depository and Dematerialization
5.Declaration and Payment of Dividend0712
6.A.  Correspondence with Members1727
B.  Correspondence with Debenture holders
C.  Correspondence with Depositors
7.A.  Financial Markets0712
B.  Stock Exchange


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