Physics Formulas – Rotational Motion

Rotational motion or we can say circular motion can be analyzed in the same way of linear motion. For example, Uniform circular motion is one of the rotational motion.
In uniform circular motion speed of the object is always constant and direct rotational motion imagination is changing and as a result object has acceleration.

Liner motion & Rotary Motion formula

 Tangential Velocity:

V=2πr/time where r is the radius of the motion path and T is the period of the motion


ω=2π/T=2πf where T is the period of the motion and f is the frequency

Angular Acceleration (Centripetal Acceleration)

where ω is the angular velocity, r is the radius and v is the tangential velocity
Centripetal Force;

Fc=-m4π²r/T² or Fc=mv²/r

Radius of Gyration 

radius of gyration


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