State Mendel’s first law of inheritance or law of dominance.

The First Law of Inheritance  Law of dominance states that “in a cross between two homozygous organisms differing in a single pair of contrasting character, the character which is expressed in the F1 generation is called dominant character and the character which […]

What are the reasons for Mendel’s success?

Answer The reasons for Mendel’s success are: i. Mendel chose garden pea plant for his experiments which was an annual, naturally self-pollinating plant with several pairs of contrasting characters. ii. Mendel concentrated only on one character at a time. iii. He […]

What is Punnett square/Checker Board?

Answer  Punnett square is a graphical representation to calculate the probability of all possible genotypes and phenotypes of offsprings in a genetic cross. It was developed by Reginald C. Punnett.

Write a note on pleiotropy.

Answer Pleiotropy:        When a single gene controls two (or more) different traits, it is called pleiotropic gene and this phenomenon is called pleiotropy or pleiotropism. The ratio is 2:1 instead of 3:1. According to Mendel’s principle of unit character, one gene […]

Why law of independent assortment is not universally applicable?

 Answer       When the two homozygous parents differing in two pairs of contrasting traits are crossed, the inheritance of one pair is independent of the other. In other words, when a dihybrid forms gametes, assortment (distribution) of alleles of different […]

Why did Mendel select garden pea for his experiments? Explain the characteristics of pea.

Mendel selected garden pea plant (Pisum sativum) for his experiments because of the following characteristics: ii. The flowers are bisexual and naturally self pollinating. iii. They can be artificially cross-pollinated. iv. The offsprings produced after cross pollination are fertile. v. Pea […]

Define the terms: Heredity, Variation & Genetics.

Heredity: The transmission of characters from one generation to the next or from parents to offsprings is called heredity. Variation: The differences between parents and offsprings or among the offsprings of the same parents and among individuals of the same species is […]