Source of Business Finance – TEST 1 (MCQ Maharashtra 12th std)

Secretarial Practice 

Source of Business Finance  – TEST 1   (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. The ______ is considered as supreme controlling factor in business.

#2. A business firm requires long term finance for meeting _____ capital needs.

#3. A ______ is indivisible unit of share capital.

#4. A person who purchases shares of a company is known as _______ of the company.

#5. A shareholder is entitled to receive _____ as return on investment.

#6. A company can not exist without ______ shares.

#7. The ________ shares bear ultimate risk associated with the ownership.

#8. Equity shares are paid dividend at ______ rate.

#9. Bonus shares are issued as gift to ______ shareholders.

#10. Preference share carry dividend at _____ rate.


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