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  1. Nature and significance of finance.
  2. Financial requirements and sources.
  3. Methods of raising finance.

source of busines finance (1)

nature and significant


Source of finance

Features of shares

Types of Share


Features of Equity shares

Feature of preference shares

kinds of preference shares


Definition of Debenture

Characteristics of Debentures

Types of Debentures

Features of bonds

types of bonds

public deposit

LOAN - Finance institutions

Importance & need of institutional financing

Loan form commercial banks

Features of Bill of exchange

key Terms

FinanceStudy of money management.
ShareSmall unit of share capital.
Equity SharesShare other than preference shares.
Preference SharesPreferential right to receive fixed rate of dividend & return of capital.
DebentureEvidence of debt/ debt security.
BondDebt security. 
Retained earningAccumulated profit retained by company.
Public depositUnsecured short-term loan.
Bank CreditLoan sanctioned by bank.
Trade CreditSale of goods on the basis of deferred payment.
Bill of exchangeTrade bill.
Depository receiptBank stores the shares o behalf of receipt holder.


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