Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics – TEST 2 (MCQ Maharashtra-12th std)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics   – TEST 2 (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Business should provide periodic information to ________

#2. Business should always respect ________

#3. For a business concern _________ shuold be means and not an end

#4. To earn _______ should not be the sole aim of business organizations

#5. EMS which provides guidelines for incorporating Eco-design is _________

#6. Environmental Management system is mandatory in _________

#7. Business organization should avoid creation of _______

#8. Business organization should not create ________ profit

#9. Business ethics is a __________ structured examination of behavior of people

#10. Business ethical refers to the system of ________ principles

#11. Business is a __________ activity

#12. Business organization can maximize profitability by ______ wastage

#13. To maintain safety of investment is responsibility of business towards __________

#14. Business organization should protect health and provides safety measure to __________

#15. To maintain industrial peace is the responsibility of organization towards _________

#16. Ultimate goal of business must be satisfaction of _________

#17. To make timely payment of proper taxes is the responsibility of organization toward

#18. Business organization is a part of ____________

#19. For economic growth and national security ________ stability is required

#20. Location of industries should be in _______ zones


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