Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics – TEST 1 (MCQ Maharashtra 12th std)

Organization of Commerce and Management

Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics   – TEST 1 (MCQ Maharashtra HSC Board)

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#1. Business organizations adopt the responsibilities to pay ____ to their employees

#2. Business organization should try to make __________ utilization of natural resources.

#3. In modern business environment ________ provides more opportunities and challenges

#4. Business organization are responsible to give _________ as fair returns on investment to the shareholder

#5. To provide quality goods is the social responsibility of business organization towards ___________

#6. Fulfillment of social responsibility brings _____________ image to the organization

#7. To maintain industrial peace is the responsibility of ______

#8. To maintain economics and social stability is the responsibility towards the _________

#9. Regular and prompt payment of taxes is the responsibilities of business towards _____________

#10. Business Organizations should supply goods of ________ quality

#11. Businessmen are the ________ of the society

#12. The main objective of business is to create _____

#13. The employees must be provided with ________ working conditions

#14. Business ethic is a branch of ________ science

#15. Satisfaction of the social responsibility brings ______ image to the enterprise.

#16. A business organization is the essential part of _________

#17. The business organizations should try to _______ welfare of the consumers

#18. The businessmen should ______various taxes to the government

#19. The business enterprise should supply goods of _____ quality to their customers

#20. Business ethics deals with ________


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